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Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
I just trained my dog to heel when riding the bike and also the commands to switch sides of the bike when approaching things on his side. He also knows the commands for slowly and stop and has been trained to stop and sit at road crossings.

Much safe for all involved including the hound.

But I understand walking the dog off the leash is frowned upon in Japan so another method i use in high pedestrain traffic areas is use a 8m leash then just drap it over my shoulders. If your dog is trained to heal you just take up the slack, if he needs to get out the way of anything or if you should crash or be crashed into the dog can get out the way in a hurry and just take the leash with him.

Last thing you want to do is attach the leash to the bike because if the doggoes off in one direction so will you! The other thing is I would recommend using a road bike when walking the dog.

These dog walking rigs come across a bit dangerous as they don't seem to have any give or flex in the bar so if you fall on the dog you could do some serious damage to them.

I would love a wheeled dog sledge, where I grew up there was a guy with a team of 4 huskies that used to bomb around the forests and it looked awesome.
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