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Omiya Keirin JCRC Aug 2nd

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Speeding Up
Jun 22, 2008
Just submitted an application for the Omiya "Try the bank" Keirin track event, after doing two trainings at the Kawasaki Urban Bank track with the Kawasaki Pista team I feel sufficiently prepared for whatever will awaits me in Omiya.

Actually I have no idea. It starts with, that at the JCRC entry form one can choose between "実車" and "レーサー" - what is the difference?

When selecting "実車" one can choose between

1000 meter time trial and scratch (?) only, so I choose "racer", where I can also choose between Keirin and Sprint in addition.

Just for fun I choose 1.000m TT, 4.000m scratch and keirin. So what is it, what do I need to do? Who can help me?

And who is coming to Omiya?
Racer is for keirin bikes only. I made that mistake last year.
Check with an expert though as I botch up my applications all the time.
"実車" and "レーサー"
"Normal road bike" and "keirin bike".

I'll do the scratch (16 riders 8 laps with a pacer at the start. Pace picks up on the 2nd last lap.)
I'll do the 1000m TT as well
Possibly the 500mm TT too.
I'm crap at TTs but just want to see how my time is each year. Last year I was a second slower.
I just entered
車種 実車 の部
種目 500mTT (for warm up)
種目 1000mTT (to see if I can beat my time from 3 years ago).
種目 4000mスクラッチ (to improve on 5th place from last year. ie WIN!).
Last year the scratch races were split into 3 groups based on age. This year they are doing it beginner or advanced. (4 groups?)
There was a 'comments' section on the application to voice experience or choice.
I just put it will be my second year and that I came 5th last year.
I hope that qualifies me for the beginner race. :D

A friend on Friday night gave me a DVD of my races last year at Omiya. 'Not pretty'.

I need to use an easier gear and spin it. Last year I was in a heavy gear and it showed.
I may even buy some TT handle bars for the TTs. The guys in TT position were going a good 3 to 10 seconds faster than what I was doing.

Our scratch race was also super slow paced till the last 200m. It could have been a bit faster...
黒 J-31 実車 初級 X 11399 土肥 義明 42 500TT 1000TT スクラッチ③ - -
黒 J-32 実車 初級 D 3572 藤久 健 43 137 京浜ピストクラブ 500TT 1000TT スクラッチ③ - -
黒 J-33 実車 初級 C 6040 石川 護 44 サイクルクラブ3UP 500TT 1000TT スクラッチ③ - -
黒 J-34 実車 初級 F X 9350 浅野 務 44 223 セマス新松戸 500TT 1000TT スクラッチ③ - -
黒 J-35 実車 初級 C 4591 MCENTYRE PETER 45 223 セマス新松戸 500TT 1000TT スクラッチ③ - -
黒 J-36 実車 初級へ F 5016 池田 克実 45 500TT 1000TT スクラッチ③ - -
黒 J-37 実車 初級へ D E 7177 kraehe michael 46 311 POSITIVO ESPRESSO 500TT 1000TT スクラッチ③ - -
黒 J-38 実車 初級へ X 8191 田村 和彦 47 144 BCアタミ 500TT 1000TT - -
黒 J-39 実車 初級へ X 3708 岩切 浩貴 47 1000TT - -
黒 J-40 実車 初級 E 2049 武田 輝弘 48 335 Club Ciclista Kesennuma スクラッチ③ - -
黒 J-41 実車 初級へ O 2171 仲沢 隆 49 090 パインヒルズ'90 500TT 1000TT スクラッチ③ - -
黒 J-42 実車 初級 O 10350 斎藤 孝一 55 チームカタカナアール 500TT 1000TT スクラッチ③ - -
黒 J-43 実車 初級 O 9765 小出 秀之 55 323 チームWAPPERS 500TT 1000TT スクラッチ③ - -
黒 J-44 実車 初級へ O 8868 中村 宗哲 56 105 パールイズミ・スミタ・ラバネロ 1000TT - -
黒 J-45 実車 初級 O F 9439 金子 泰士 58 160 リベルタスクラブ 1000TT スクラッチ③ - -
黒 J-46 実車 初級へ O 6187 藤田 和夫 59 090 パインヒルズ'90 500TT 1000TT スクラッチ③ - -

In the same scratch race ③
Perps for Omiya


just checked the location, pretty close to Omiya station so I will come by train, there is a direct train from Yokohama, Shonan Shinjuku Liner To Omiya that only takes an hour, arriving 7:29hr.

According to the JCRC schedule we are doing

500m TT from 9 AM
1.000m TT from 10.15 AM and then we have along break

Scramble 4.000m from 1.30 PM

So you can tell me what this is exactly.
See you at the track,

I maybe going along to this with my daughter and to offer support to those racing!
Identical weather to last year. (rainy).

The photos look good on the results pages but they are only showing the keirin bikes. Racists!!!!

Results are in: http://www.jcrc-net.jp/kekka09/09bnk2/r09omiya.html

500m TT. 43.29 seconds. Aerobars felt good. (.09 seconds slower than last year).
1000mTT fastest so far. Almost 2 seconds faster than last year. 1:24.05 (01.25.80 last year, 01:24.42 in 2006)
I used an easier gear and again the aerobars probably helped a lot.

Scratch Race.
Heat 2nd:
Due to the rain and numbers they made us do a 2km heat for the 4km Scratch.
I think there were 8 per heat and the last 2 were to be eliminated. Elimination is a scary word for me.
I went extra hard in this chasing down a solo break away. On the last lap as the bell rang I did what I did last year and went up the bank. Coming down the other side I shot to the lead of the group and held off around the last 200m for second place. Almost caught the guy in first.
I over did myself though and my legs were toast.

Final Scratch:
After about what seemed like 2 hours we had the final. I had the guy marked who won last year. (He was marking me in the heat).
The pace was varied with little breakaways here and there. I took on the job of reeling in one breakaway. For the remainder of the race I was just trying to suck wheel and stay in contention. Where I usually take off and go up the bank there was a headwind!!! Lots of break ups and pace changes. Last lap we were all together quite tight but I had no gas in the engines and just tried to finish with everybody. :warau:

Have the Hindenburg thighs right now. Bloated to the max.

Probably only rode 20kms all day but feels like I rode 200km.

Was nice to meet Mob's wife and daughter.
Didn't get to say goodbye either... :eek:uch:

My team mates did well as usual.
3rds and 4ths in the time trials and a 2nd in the main scratch race.
He was a good advertisement for HED wheels!!!!
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