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Jan 14, 2007
The road race is on the 1st day of the Olympics...


Australia, Italy and Spain are fielding strong teams....(and Germany)

I think Australia will be out for some revenge... all 5 riders are great riders and have some very good experience packed in to years in the saddle.
Evans won't have the steam at the end but if they all stick together and help each other O'Grady, Gerrans, Rogers are all good finishers... Matty Llloyd may get the job of drinks boy and spare bike replacer...
Looks like a hard course with the final being 7 laps over a hill....
Japan unfortunately don't have anybody in the road race.... (yet--- provisional starting list)

Track races:
I want Aus to do well here but will also be looking closely at the Japanese guys.
Assuming Britain is a favorite in a lot of the track events, considering performances in recent years, although one has to hope Cavendish didn't burn himself out in the Pyrenees.
NZ has maybe one road chance, Julian Dean. Track well we are the gold medal holder in womens 3000ip. Go kiwis!:bike:
Current race situation

* Group of 26 Jens Voigt (Germany), Bert Grabsch (Germany), Carlos Sastre (Spain), Kim Kirchen (Luxembourg), Roman Kreuziger (Czech Republic), Marzio Bruseghin (Italy), Stef Clement (Netherlands), Jurgen Van den Broeck (Belgium), Simon Gerrans (Australia), Serguei Ivanov (Russia), Ryder Hesjedal (Canada), Jonathan Bellis (Great Britain), Raivis Belohvosciks (Latvia), Rémi Pauriol (France), Jan Valach (Slovakia), Vladimir Miholjevic (Croatia), Murilo Fischer (Brazil), Matija Kvasina (Croatia), Radoslav Rogina (Croatia), Borut Bozic (Slovenia), Gatis Smukulis (Latvia), Aleksandr Kuschynski (Belarus), Chris Anker Sorensen (Denmark), Vladimir Karpets (Russia), Patricio Almonacid (Chile)
* Peloton at 5.15

4 laps of the last loop to go.. (about 30 minutes a lap).

14:51 ICT
The Sastre group has been caught. This will open the doors for counter-attacks.

The duo, Aleksandr Kuschynski (Belarus) and Ruslan Podgornyy (Ukraine), is still up the road.

Paolo Bettini (Italy) has a rear wheel change! It comes at a key point.

Last Lap:

15:55 ICT
Samuel Sánchez (Spain) leads the race with Davide Rebellin (Italy). They have formed a move of around 10 men. Nicki Sørensen (Denmark) is there, Cadel Evans (Australia), Christian Vande Velde (USA), Alexandr Kolobnev (Russia)...
Current race situation

16:18 ICT
Michael Rogers (Australia) and Alexandr Kolobnev (Russia) are still chasing behind.

16:19 ICT 240.4km/5km to go
Five kilometrse to go for the trio.
Andy Schleck (Luxembourg) - 23 years old
Davide Rebellin (Italy) - 37
Samuel Sánchez (Spain) - 30

16:20 ICT
Michael Rogers (Australia) is pulling like a madman to bring back the group of three and have a chance to win gold.

16:21 ICT 242.4km/3km to go
Schleck looks nervous. He will have a hard time out-foxing Rebellin.

16:22 ICT 243.4km/2km to go
Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) fires out of no where to bridge up to Michael Rogers (Australia) and Alexandr Kolobnev (Russia). The chase trio will catch the lead trio!

16:23 ICT 244.4km/1km to go
With one kilometre to go, we have a group of six to fight for gold near China's Great Wall.

16:23 ICT
300m, Alexandr Kolobnev (Russia) leads

16:24 ICT
Samuel Sánchez (Spain) on the right!

16:24 ICT
The Spaniard gets it over Rebellin.

16:24 ICT
Spain used unbelievable team force to make this Gold happen.

16:25 ICT
What has Spain not won this year!? Contador Giro, Sastre Tour...

16:27 ICT
Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) rode his way back to a medial in the 2008 Olympics. An impressive performance for third. Alexandr Kolobnev (Russia) took fourth.

Team Italy can be proud of its work to produce a silver medal for Rebellin, 37 years old today.
Current race situation


1 Samuel Sánchez (Spain)
2 Davide Rebellin (Italy)
3 Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland)
4 Alexandr Kolobnev (Russia)
5 Andy Schleck (Luxembourg)
6 Michael Rogers (Australia)

exciting finish even from the text only view....
Top that !!

Fantastic result for Nicole and the first of many for Team GB I hope !!!

If you want to see it then it will be shown on Monday around 6am or so on NHK BS channel.

Track on TV

Track cycling will be on next weekend on NHK BS:

8月16日(土) 08:05 ~ (10:20)
自転車 トラック 男子チームスプリント
16th (Sat) 8:05 to approx 10:20
Men's Team Sprint

8月17日(日) 08:05 ~ 11:00頃
自転車 トラック 男子ポイントレース 決勝
自転車 トラック 男子個人追い抜き 決勝
自転車 トラック 男子ケイリン 決勝
17th (Sun) 8:05 to approx 11:00
Men's Point Race Finals
Men's Individual Pursuit Finals
Men's Keirin Finals

Did anyone see the crash around the 78 km mark in the female race? I felt pretty bad for the South Korean, though she caused the massive pile up, crashing into the drainage ditch. In Japan those little ditches scare me. more when driving than riding.

Congrats to the English on a great ride. But how about the Spaniards dominating the big cycling events this year? Good to see the Spaniards coming to life.

coming to life yes but by fair means? maybe not! Drug cheats should have bike spokes implanted in their necks sideways.
Great result from team Great Britain!

Great Britain's men's team sprint trio

Is any of this going to be on TV here? I noticed that someone from Japan got a bronze yet all NHK etc ever seems to show live is Judo, Wrestling, Baseball and Table Tennis events. Then they repeat them again and again and again. Why so little cycling? Of course, I know the answer to this, but I think the TV coverage of the Olympics here is pretty average.
Is any of this going to be on TV here? I noticed that someone from Japan got a bronze yet all NHK etc ever seems to show live is Judo, Wrestling, Baseball and Table Tennis events.

It was on a bit Saturday and Sunday morning...not much though. I can't complain, it's more than I'd see in Canada.
Is any of this going to be on TV here? I noticed that someone from Japan got a bronze yet all NHK etc ever seems to show live is Judo, Wrestling, Baseball and Table Tennis events.... but I think the TV coverage of the Olympics here is pretty average.

The longer I live here, the more I feel the need to subscribe to an expensive panopoly of cable tv channels. By the dismal standards of Japanese tv, I think the coverage of the olympics so far by NHK has been pitiful, possibly rude.

NHK just keep on focusing on those sports you've mentioned, to the total exclusion of everything else. Even mezamashi terebi had the decency to interview some lass who did well in the canoeing. I can't recall seeing any of this on NHK. I imagine that 99.9% of the viewing public won't even realise that some Japanese chap won a bronze in cycling, let alone that cycling or some other sports are even going on. They don't even show the overall medal rankings.

As public service broadcasting this is dereliction of duty really.

If they really want to inspire children into sports, they would do better to spend less time on introducing these drawings that kids have done of Kitajima et al, and spend more time introducing a broader range of sports to which a broad range of people can aspire to excellence.

coverage. It is possible to catch up but only by viewing or recording the coverage in the early morning repeats around 6 or 8 onwards. I had a pang of conscience at the start of the Olympics having watched and thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremony without having paid my NHK licence fee and I did actually resolve to pay it the next time the guys come to bother me. Last time I told them (and I meant it) that I never watch NHK and have no interest in any of the programmes.

After the Olympics I decided that I would pay.

Now I am having second thoughts. The best way to keep up to date is on the BBC live internet site which carries a very good blog......and is free.

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