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Help Oifuto loop


Dec 5, 2007
Hi everyone.

I will be in Shibuya in May and I heard about the Oifuto Loop. Looking really forward to riding my bike the 10 or so kilometers from Shibuya to the Oifuto loop but the roads look impossible to navigate. Is there anyone available to help guide me and a friend of mine there by bike from Shibuya?

I will go Sunday, May 16th.

Take Yamate Dori

I'd guide you but won't be in Tokyo then. Check Google Maps and find
Yamate Dori a little west of Shibuya. Follow it to the bay (Shinagawa Futo).
Oi futo is easy to find from there. Just turn right and find a cyclist to follow.
The Tour Of Japan will be on the next weekend or the one after so expect a lot of people training there at the time you plan to go...
Me and my teammates train at Oifuto almost every Sunday. I can probably assist you on how to get there if I don't have any commitment on that day. I live close to Shibuya (Yutenji) but we can probably meet somewhere at Naka Meguro.

If you are okay, just send me a msg when we're close to the date.
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