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Jan 14, 2007
My son wanted to go to Ariake Big Site today for some manga convention and I was going to take my bike and ride at Oi, but due to a head cold I took my dogs instead and had a bit of a jog and walkies.

Still lots of riders there. Mostly obeying the dangerous red light intersections.
I like training there and may go there in April.

Saw quite a few gaijin there today but didn't recognize anybody (including non-gaijin).

Anybody going there much on a Sunday?
Do people ride there on Saturday's too?
Pete - was there this morning for a recovery spin from following Alan and Thomas yesterday. Nice to practice discplined paceline, which I'm still learning a bit.

Would not suggest going on Saturday - wharf/warehouses are open and the heavy trucks make it less fun.
I go most Sundays if its not raining, but get there before 8:00 as the car park fills up.
Yes, go there lots and lots, been going there for six years.
I will be meeting a friend there at eight am Sunday but usually things don't start getting fast until nine. Tanaka San (Sysergy) runs a nice group ride starting nine, he's not picky who joins in. I ride a big blue aluminum racer.
Oi Futo Sunday

Please call me if you want to run in the Oi Futo on Sunday. Five lap pace runs for the 9:00AM start with the many riders.
Lyle is too fast. We are not possible to run togher him.
He is a great raider.

Toshihiro Sakae
I`ll be there from about 8:00.
Please say hello!
I`ll be the gaijin with the white Cervelo.
Hello zenbiker

Hello zenbiker

Were you putting up a red front fork to white Cervelo?
Running in Oi this morning if you were so It was not possible to call you though I saw you about two times because I was in the group, too.
I am always in the group of the yellow jersey written back [Westy]
I'm ride on black Trek Madone with the jersey of Discovery.
In our friend Taro Shirato joined this morning.
He is a triathlete he is doing the navigator of the Tour de France, Giro,and other Race television program of Cycle in Japan.
Very interested about his information of Tour etc.
A lot of members who do not know combine, and faster lap by lap.
That's interesting very much. Every body be able to join them.
Please say hello to mee when if you see me at Oi.
I will try again too.

Toshihiro Sakae :bike:
Yes, that was me. New S1, spent the morning fine tuning the riding position.
I briefly met Lyle and you are correct. He is very fast! He makes an excellent draft!! Sorry Lyle, I couldn`t do my share of the pulling.
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