Ohminato - Shimokita Hanto 大湊 - 下北半島

Nov 9, 2006
Early August I will go to Misawa to visit friends and head up to Ohminato for the Nebuta Festival on August 4th. I`ve ridden to Ohminato on the Shimokita peninsula before - it`s a fairly flat ride. I will catch a flight to Misawa with the bike.

Don`t we have a member in Hachinohe (Can`t remember who)?

Phil Harris

Speeding Up
Nov 9, 2006
Ride Complete

(Very) brief summary:

To get to Misawa, I took advantage of a military flight out of Atsugi but couldn`t bring bike aboard, so I rented a bike in Misawa. They had no road bikes, so I rented a mountain bike. The rental did not include a spare or pump (nor a patch-kit).:eek:

Departing Misawa enroute Noheji, I pondered the wisdom of tackling the long neck of the Shimokita hanto with no means of reparing a flat, and towns with bike shops few and far between:thumb1:..........I parked the bike in the Noheji station bike parking lot, and took the Kira-Kira Michinoku to Ohminato and took part in festival.

Returning to Noheji by train the following day, I stopped by a business hotel to see if they had a room (intending to go to Aomori to see the big Nebuta festival). They had no vacancy. But having stayed at this hotel two years prior, I was aware of an unused staff bedroom close to the kitchen in which they allowed me to stay at that time. When I asked if that room was available, they remembered me and allowed me to again use that room. Trained it into Aomori for the festival, but had to catch the last train back to Noheji at 22:07.

Next day within one minute of hitting the road, the front tire went flat.....within 200 metres of a bike repair shop I knew of:happy:! Ten minutes and \1000 later, I was back on the road hoping no more flats would occur in the 1.5-2 hours or so it would take to return. The tires held out.

Total distance: an unimpressive 70 km (35 each way).:warau:


Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
It's the little things...

Hey Phil,
It's the little things that make "life on a bicycle" interesting.
The roads around Aomori are notorious for giving people flat tyres - Ask Thomas! He had 3 in one day up there.

Anyway, it sounds like a pretty enjoyable trip (especially with the use of "military vehicles", etc.) Our "Hachinohe" member is Kiwisimon, but I haven't heard from him recently, so maybe he wasn't there.

Also, we're still on for Saturday, so where is the best place to meet you?
Later! Travis


Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
Sorry Phil I was away from the computer for a couple of weeks and missed your postings. Actually Thomas flatted in Noheji so there you go. Next time send me a PM and we'll try and get out for a ride. Kids and job makes that more difficult these days. Hope you enjoyed the festivals.