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Jun 30, 2013
I have been optimising formulas in Excel today.

I managed to get this one;

=round(sum(100-sum(sum((128-7)-match(A1,$A$7:$A$128,0))/121)*100),2)&" %"

down to...


The first formula was thrown together to get an end result and to allow for the rest of the spreadsheet to be built quickly. I then went back in and started fine tuning and reducing formulas down as far as I could; this spreadsheet is also used in Google Drive by some people on low speed wifi connections, so I wanted it to be as light as possible. The next iteration was this...

=round(100-sum((DAYS360($A$7,$A$128)-match($A$1,$A$7:$A$128,0))/DAYS360($A$7,$A$128))*100,2)&" %"

Ignoring the round() method at the start, this is essentially;


I reduced it step by step...


Then applied this logic to the formula, giving me...


Then I found out that the days360() method doesn't give an accurate size for applying % to a single day, so shifted to the count() method instead, ignoring the date formatting, and just counting rows.

Hope that helps.


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Aug 27, 2012
I have a KICKR and this thing looks like it fixes all the (minor) issues I have with it. The KICKR is smaller and from DC's report seems to be easier to move round, but the KICKR's weak spots are the noise from the internal belt (they take it round a far too small toothed wheel) and the QR adjuster for 130mm vs 135mm rear axles. Both fixed here
Will happily live with my KICKR as its not loud but I was disappointed that a fairly obvious minor design change would have reduced the noise considerably. With the belt entirely removed, the Tacx takes that on even further and simplifies the design at the same time


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May 28, 2010
I would still consider a KICKR (might get one next time I'm in the states), if only because it's $500 less. Really, $1000 is too much to begin with... That said, the NEO can fold up flat which means that even though its pretty large, you could lean it up against a wall and forget about .
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