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Off topic - Had a great stay at Blue Monkey Lodge


Maximum Pace
Dec 4, 2006
Took the family out on a last minute ski trip this past weekend in Minakami and had a chance to stay at the Blue Monkey Lodge (a lodge geared for cyclists, run by Adam C - organizer of the Blue Monkey Epic ride that many TCC riders went on in Oct). Wanted to get the word out that the place is great, and something that I think many of us have been looking for in Japan.

Adam's cooking is fantastic (geared for expat tastes and appetites), facility is clean, prices are very reasonable, and Adam genuinely cares about the experience guests have. Blue Monkey is open during the winters. We skied at Houdaigi - one of 6 or 7 ski resorts w/in 10 km radius of the lodge. The lodge is a couple of hundred meters from Yubiso station, but a car (w/ snow tires or chains) highly recommended to venture off the main roads to get to the ski runs in the winter. Wife and kids gave the place a massive thumbs up.
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Sep 28, 2011
My thoughts exactly, Took my daughter up there over the new years. We had a good time as well although we didn't venture any further than the one run local ski place. Perfect for first time kids.!
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