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October rides in/near Yokosuka


Aug 29, 2007
I'm a naval officer from Sasebo and will be in Yokosuka for about 3 weeks in October. I'll have a road and a mtn bike with me. I'm hoping to get together with a group for some rides while I'm there. Anyone interested? I'm an experienced rider both on and off road.


Hi Ted . . .

I will ride all/most weekends through October and would be happy to ride with you. Can you send me a Private Message (top right) nearer the date and I can let you know our plans. We normally ride around 200km through the Yabitsu and Mount Fuji areas.


Yokosuka Rides

There are good rides around the Miura/Kamakura area near Yokosuka and it`s a ferry ride across Uraga Suido to Chiba where there are good rides.

Give me a PM.
Welcome to Kanto

In case I don't have a chance to meet you while you're at Yokosuka, just wanted to say
I enjoyed your photos, especially the shipboard ones. It would be an honor to ride
with a man who cohabits with two bikes in his cabin.

David aka TrufflesEater

P.S. Does your handle suggest that you used to go not only off-road
but also off-ground?

I appreciate the kind notes. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to ride with your group. It sounds like a lot of fun. If any of you ever get down to Kyushu, bring a bike. I'd be happy to bring you along for one of our group rides.

October Rides

October is a great time for MTB in Japan. Trails are usually quite dry and the spiderwebs of summer are gone :thumb:!
I'll be setting up some rides west of Tokyo, so if you can get the train up from Yokosuka, you'd be welcome.
There are also some trails around Yokosuka itself according to mtbr.com (trail reviews/japan section) but I haven't ridden these myself.

Finally Arrived In Yokosuka

Well everyone... I finally made it to Yokosuka. I left Sasebo where it was sunny and warm (34 degrees C) and arrived here to find cold and rain. Just my luck. Fortunately I brought cool weather gear and a rain jacket. So, when are we going riding? I have a road bike and a mtn bike with me so if anyone is up for a ride, please let me know.

[email protected]


If you are interested we can ride this weekend. I ride XC - I am not very familiar with trails but it seems Alan is and perhaps Alan and others join in. If you are interested send me a quick note at [email protected].
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