Oct 8 Takao- Sagami-ko

Jan 14, 2008
Nerima, Tokyo, Japan
This Monday I will be climbing Takao-san and cycling around Sagami lake. The climb is beginner level so anyoe who has not done any hill climbing before can join. There are some smaller hills around Sagimi lake but they shouldn't be too challenging. Here is the route that I have mapped:


Anyone is free to join. Pace won't be fast. The climb will be a WATT and no one will get dropped.

Meeting place: Takao Station, North Exit
Time: 8 am
Total Distance: 50.57km
Total Climbing: 771m

Hope to see you on Monday!


Maximum Pace
Feb 5, 2012
Great riding today, perfect weather.

Penny, good climbing and nice route.

Makiko, descending style is looking good.

Dave, Doug, and Kevin thanks for the help and conversation.

See you next time
Jan 14, 2008
Nerima, Tokyo, Japan
Thank you everyone for a great ride today! We had a bigger group than I had expected - 6 in total which was great. The ride was worth it, not too difficult, a lot of climbing but nothing overly challenging and the scenary around Sagamiko was great. Some parts of route 20 were a bit hairy with many cars and trucks but the other roads were reasonably quiet.

Josh - Thanks for the tips and I will look into a new stem for my bike.

Doug - Thanks for the lessons on going downhill. Definitely learnt a lot but just have to put it into practice, especially going onto the drops which I am not very good at.

Dave - Thanks for the help with directions. Avoiding part of route 20 was definitely a bonus.

Kevin and Makiko - As always, great to have your company.

Thanks again to everyone for coming and see you next time!


Maximum Pace
Feb 6, 2012
Koto-ku, Tokyo
As Josh said, it was a fantastic ride with terrific riding weather.

Penny, thanks again for organizing this!

Doug, it was great meeting you. And, thanks for the cycling tips.
Dave, it seems that you have not lost a step since the crash.
Josh, you definitely have stepped up your game.

Thanks to you all, Makiko truly had a great time and has gained more climbing and descending confidence.