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For sale Classifieds Oakley Jawbreaker (TDF colors) plus extra lens



Oakley Jawbreaker frame in white and yellow TDF color scheme. Two lenses, the Prizm Road for bright conditions, and the Photocromic one for cloudy or night riding (changes from clear to grey during the day). Two soft cases and one hard case, plus one spare nose piece as shown. Wire or PayPal me 16,000 yen and get these delivered to your home, buyer pays for delivery (expected to be 800 to 1,000 yen or so). I see new Jawbreakers sell for more than 20,000 yen, and the spare lenses also go for more than 10,000. So no lowballing please.
Hey Luka, which TDF season are these? First Owner? Which lens did you use most often?
hi @Yogi , yep the 1st owner. can't really remember the season, but I probably got them around 2018 or 19. I can apparently no longer access Wiggle order history, so can't tell you more:


shortly thereafter my eyesight started going bad and I had to take prescription glasses instead, so these are very lightly used indeed. it's hard to say which lens I used more. inspecting them now, I see the prizm road one is flawless (just some minor wear around the edges where the frame clamps, which is unavoidable and not noticeable). the photochromic one has 3 minor dots on the left eye side, and a barely visible scratch line about 15mm long at the very bottom. only noticeable on closer inspection, and not when wearing them.
I have 3 people inquiring now, but no one has made a commitment just yet. I feel this will be gone in a few hours, so better pull the trigger if interested
I would need to meet you somewhere mutually convenient to check the fit and photochromatic lens condition. The jawbreaker frame might be too big for me. Unfortunately I can't meet until Wednesday next week soonest. Preferably somewhere outside on a sunny day too! Meanwhile if a buyer slips in before then, please let them go. I've been eyeing the yellow framed 2023 TDF models on Oakley JP waiting on a sale.
I tried my best to show the lens here for anyone interested


Just an fyi, these appear to be from 2017 TDF.
thanks! so that's the proper pricing for these: ¥32,000+TAX..... plus I'm offering another lens here. better raise my quote ;)
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