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Nylon bicycle

Cool - 3D printing has been around for quite awhile. I'm looking forward to being able to use the Ti version :) http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/01/3d-printing-now-in-titanium/

The Brits really need to get some better UX designers, though. That thing is a far cry from the type of concepts you'd see coming from Biondi's lab or CalArts. Oh yeah, what's with the noise generator? Someone put nylon cards in the spoke so it could go 'vroom vroom' ? Perhaps Mr. Bean was somehow complicit in this venture..
yeah, the bike itself did look pretty dire. But i think the idea was more to show that they could make anything not that they could make an awesome bicycle.

still kool article, thanks for the link
1st 30 seconds in he actually says that they built it to help people understand the technology not to actually build a UCI regulation bike.

Also final interview Cheif Exec, says pretty much the same.

Now imagine what lotus could do if they got thier hands on this bit of technology..... Chris.... fancy a new ride?
Yes but its to showcase what the technology and materials can actually do, not to design a 1min Kilo shattering bike like lotus did a few years back.
The noise at the end is pretty funny.

Agree with James; very interesting and positive use of technology.

Thanks for linking this up.
Im already thinking of some crazy-ass TT bike design!
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