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Today November 2021


Maximum Pace
Jan 13, 2015
Are they expensive?
I got mine for 5,400 yen, but see some other models selling for 3-4 thousand too. on the 2nd thought might not be worth selling mine. it's small and doesn't take space after all, and if we include shipping it's just not worth wiring the money and going to the post office etc


Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
This is the gauge I and I guess Luka has.

I bought it initially for my TT bike when I wanted to dial in tyre pressure.

But it's even more important for riding off road gravel and cyclocross courses where you are riding below 2 bar and looking for 0.1 bar tuning.

Using the floor pump alone doesn't really let you get into the 0.1 bar differentiation. Accuracy is also lost due to the length of hose / distance of the dial from the tyre.

I used to use an electrical pump with a digital gauge. But it's noisy and pumping up with a floor pump and then dropping pressure with a gauge is quick and easy.


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