Ride November 17, Sunday, Arakawa ride to Enomoto farm for some ice cream


Maximum Pace
Jan 13, 2015
Couple of us will ride out to the Enomoto dairy farm in Saitama's Ageo City this Sunday. Will meet just before 9 am (for prompt departure at 9 sharp) at the blue flood gate around 20km mark on Arakawa (aka iwabuchi suimon), and largely follow the river there and back.

It's possible to meet at the spaceship too, i.e. the other flood gate about 10km further north, if people are interested. Comment below.

We're not sure about the state of the cycling path in the aftermath of the typhoon, but distinct possibility of getting your bike dirty. Social pace otherwise, should be about 80km there and back from the starting point, and head wind is forecast for both directions. So back by 12-1 pm-ish? I just installed the weirdest saddle in the world by far. Joining me on Sunday is worth if nothing else just to check out that monstrosity