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Not in Japan but Las Vegas! Hi!


Dec 25, 2006

I read all your posts, and i think you come through very passionate about it. As u can tell i live in LV. and the weather conditions are quite different....it shines most of the times and the only thing you better watch out are......car drivers..they think they own the roads, but i usually ride 15/30 miles 3 times a week and includes Las Vegas, Henderson, and sometime Boulder city, keeps me going ! i am wondering if drivers and in general traffic in tokyo ( or any other japanese large city for that matter) is cyclistfriendly !i love:;)

hai voluto la bicicletta...adesso pedala lol....


and welcome aboard! :welcome:

Sorry, I have moved your post to a new intro thread. Yes, Japan is a cycle-friendly country in general. There are actually a couple of threads here on the forum dealing with traffic conditions in Japan. Cheers!

Welcome to TCC, we will look forward to your posts the states and also to meeting you if you ever get out this way!:bike:

Have not ridden in the states, but I think Japan is pretty easygoing on bikes, even in tokyo.

stay in touch!

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