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Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
A new guy in our club bought his first bike yesterday...nice carbon but won't mention the brand...
He came along to the weekely Sunday training tis morning.
We start out slow and it is deceptive. I remember my 1st time saying to myself 'this is easy'.
Then after the halfway point everybody is split up into speed levels. The fastest go first then the next fastest etc.

The beginners usually go last and learn the ropes before going up to the next level.

Today there were millions of little insects which would get in every orifice along the river.

To cut to the chase...the new guy got dropped near the insects and was grasping for air and copped a mouthful...he kept on going but had his head down so the insects wouldn't get in his eyes and mouth....

big mistake.

Smash bang crash into one of those steel barriers you see on the bike paths...

His brand new bike snapped in half.


Luckily he was ok.
Ah, bug season. Another reminder spring is here.

Crummy luck for the rider. Those barrier things really make me nervous, every time I go through them I'm always thinking "What if a big gust of wind blew me sideways right NOW...".

Frankly, if I rode into one and all the damage was to the bike and not me, I'd take that and count my blessings.

Still, I sure hope he hadn't dropped his life savings into that bike that he bought the day before and that he can get back into the rides soon.

I'm always thinking "What if a big gust of wind blew me sideways right NOW...".

I usually think that as I go past trucks & buses - not too many of them on the river though!
I've got the barriers down pat. I ride home at night along th edo river and know where they all are.... when in doubt just ride in the center of the path... there is no need to swerve for any of them....straight and fast...the quicker you get past them the less chance of damage!! :rolleyes:
Sad crabon news

Carbon is a great material, but can't stand the rigors of a manly crash. Now if you need to crash, Titanium is the way to go!
Bugs SSSSSuck!

I had a major bug strike problem on the western part of the Atsumi Hanto heading toward Hamamatsu. It was dusk and the road passed through rice paddies that smelled like they`d been fertilized. A good sized bug smacked into my face every 15 seconds or so - most unpleasant:(.
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