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Mar 19, 2007
I checked with Aoyama-san at his HiRoad bike shop last week and he told me about his plans for his annual Norikura ride in August.

Details are here, but all in Japanese:


It will be on August 7th and 8th. He said they will take an early train, get there after lunch and then ride in the afternoon. Then an early ride before breakfast on Sunday, followed by more riding until heading back to Tokyo on a late afternoon train. He mentioned that the group will stay at a pension that is owned by a mad keen cyclist. Last year there were 16 signed up and he normally takes about 20. But he would be happy to take more people and arrange some more accommodation.

I am likely to join as it sounds like a fun weekend. And he stated that this is a better option than doing the race.

If you are interested, here is Aoyama-san's email address.

[email protected]


Thoroughly recommended....

have done this twice with Hiro and his wife Mariko-san plus a very friendly bunch of mixed ages and abilities. Stays at the really nice Pension Norikura, great food, good onsen and the satisfaction of reaching the highest point in Japan by road....oxygen debt included for free.

It was one of the last things I did before leaving last year.....climbed through a thunderstorm, drenched and frozen stiff on the way down....an unforgetable experience.

Two weeks later there was a bear attack on the omiyage store at the top !


If you don`t need the element of competition with others or the crowds and the marshals to spur you on then this is the next best thing !

I will be staying in Hakuba Nagano around this time and may go down to Norikura as well.

Plan C:

If anybody wants to stop off in Hakuba for a few days and ride, let me know.
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