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Norikura Hill Climb


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Nov 23, 2006
OK...looks like we have some mild interest so let me see if I can get this going.

Who would be interested in http://www.kancycling.com/Destinations/Norikura/NorikuraRoute/NorikuraRoute.html in July or August ?

It would be a weekend and involve at least one night's stay.

Rough idea would be train down to Matsumoto or somewhere close on the Saturday am, ride to the Pension. Onsen and beers.

Sunday early assault on Norikura itself, onsen and beers, return to Matsumoto and train back for early/mid evening. Beers.

How's that ?

Timing . . .


I would like to do this. I have a trip to Germany in mid-July - so my preference is August. However, I may be able to switch things around.


Please count me in Charles. I don't have an interesting life that involves jetting to foreign countries, so any time would work for me :) (...Except to say it might be best to avoid o-bon season traffic?)
I'll be in Hakuba all off August and will certainly give it a try.
Will even let some of you stay in Hakuba if you like...taking MTB as well....
Dates !

I am still working on this and the current idea I have is to join up with Hiro Aoyama of Sports Bikes Hi Road and his little group for the weekend of August 1st and 2nd.

Hiro is a great guy and is already referenced here on site as the support for the Team Valentino venture. He is well worth meeting in any case.

I joined his group two years ago and we had a great time. He has already said that we are very welcome to join him this year.

Watch this space !!

Norikura !

OK - Hiro Aoyama has welcomed a small possee to join his annual Norikura run on August 1st and 2nd. Here are the details.





So, please let me know/ reconfirm your interest and I will work with Hiro to set things up.

BTW - a plug for Hiro`s new shop, he has an English page too now.


This is really an amazing ride, two years ago I could not complete it. My goal is the obvious one !!

Charles aka chazzer
Thanks a million for organizing this, chazzer. I'm still keen to do it, but have to check the schedule for that month. Is there any date by which you and Hiro-san prefer to have a definite answer?
Mid June

Please Phil and others - if you have a firm interest we need to know by then.



Well - as it turns out it seems we have some minimal interest, however, regretably, I am not able to make it as the family are due back from the UK the night before and no amount of persuading is going to get them down to Norikura for a spot of onsen.

So......if anyone is still up for this then let me know and I will certainly introduce you to Hiro and I guarantee you will have a good time. Otherwise it looks like next year.

Sorry about that,

Charles aka chazzer
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