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Nokogiri Yama Rindo


Speeding Up
Jan 7, 2007
Many TCCers have done this except me , IMAI san and Yasuhiro san ever.

Then, why not. We did it yesterday during our century ride.

Meeting at a bridge along the Tamagawa CR, we headed to Otarumi toge on RT20. Once this toge was a destination to me. Now it is just a passing point:). Wow. Going through Uenohara town, we started climbing toward Kobu tunnel. Here was another 400m climb. This is the route I have took a few times but in the opposite direction. RT20 was busy but the one toward the tunnel was quite and fun to ride on. The tunnel is 600m high. Then, we climbed down to Hinohara village, and had a lunch.

After the lunch, preparing for the departure, we were able to view the tall rising mountain in front of us. We knew , without passing the mountain, we would not be able to go to Okutama. Feeling not too good earlier, Yasuhiro san hesitated but no choice.

Nokogiri yama rindo was rough, steep and slippery. It took over one hour, but we finally made it to the peak. This is really not for a road bike but for a MTB. Climbing down was also dangerous due to slippery surface. In addition, 994m peak was cold and we had to climb down slow,which was not comfortable. Our body got too cold that we had to get warm soft drink at the next convini.

Return trip on rt 411 was easy and fun ride. We had a dinner nearby my place. After the dinner, poor IMAI san had another 40Km back to his place at night.

It was a long day, but we are now ones of them who made Nokogiri.
Congratulations !

Sounds like a tough but rewarding day out. Is there a map of your ride ?

Charles aka chazzer
Well done!

I have often wondered about doing that one!


Arai-san, Imai-san,

Thank you for organizing such a tough tour for a man who set the goal of cycling to simply reduce weight:angel:
I sometimes thought about retirement during the ride, but was very happy to complete them.
Anyway, I noticed that this is not an engine issue but a gear issue so I will replace it to compact one:D


1) Kobu tunnelを1キロ程度走っている間、車の数より自転車の数のほうが多かった。
2) Nokogiri togeはさいごの3kmのうち1km位は歩いたが、誰にも追い越されることは無かった。
3) Nokogiri togeを下るとき、自転車にまたがって登っている人はゼロ。皆押していた。
4) 夏でも高いところに登るときはウィンドブレーカー持参で行きましょう。
5) 凍っているジョッキは最高:D

Thank you




Charles aka chazzer
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