Sold! Nishiki Altron 7000 Aluminum 55cm.

Apr 12, 2014
Stockton, California
Make in Japan - Nishiki (Kawamura) Altron 7000 Aluminum 55cm size frame Triathlon bike late 80's. TT 59cm. Suntour Sprint components. Nitto stem and handlebars. Bike originally priced at $1000. Selling for $300 dollars. This may be one of the best Japanese engineered bikes ever produced. Aluminum frames are notorious for passing the road vibrations to the rider, causing additional fatigue. This bike does not suffer from that defect. You can ride this bike all day and never get tired. I used this bike for simple road riding and not as a competition bike in Triathlon events. I have had the bike completely inspected and serviced down to the last bearing. Ride quality is excellent. Additional photos can be seen at:

Please note that this bike is located in California, approximate shipping costs are $330 dollars.


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