Nipple question


Maximum Pace
Following my recent spoke accident with Ludwig, I tried to get my back wheel more or less straight using the dedicated tool that came with the wheels (shimano).

I know quite a few TCC'ers understand the art of true-ing wheels and decided to give it a try myself. The tool fitted the nipple nicely but when I started to tighten/turn, the entire spoke (the flat "aero" type - not the round) turns along and ends up completely warped...:eek:

What am I doing wrong? Am I turning the nipple too much :warau: ?


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007

Just hold the spoke to stop it turning. You see that narrow groove in the end of the tool, next to the is for holding the spoke in position. You could also use a very small adjustable spanner or small pliers.


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Ok is it a radial spoked wheel or latice? (do the spokes cross over each other?)

If the spoke crosses another the point of contact will not allow the spoke to rotate sometimesvin the eye hole.What you need to do is remove the QR and lay the wheel flat on the floor and push down with a bit of force on the rims.... this will releive the tension where the two spokes touch at the cross over and allow the spoke to rotate in its bed.

You'll get a ping or snap sound when you do this so don't panic, its the same sound you get when you ride a new pair of wheels.

Or as Alan Pointed out you'll need to hold the spoke with the key when truing....although this will require two spoke keys!


Maximum Pace

Alan and James. I have exactly the same key as Alan posted - as a matter of fact, I've got 2 of them (one came with each wheel). Thanks to your explanations :), I now understand the spoke and nipple are 2 separate parts. Will try again.