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News: Road rage against cyclists

What a charming bedside manner said doc has! Lets hope they follow through and lock him up for a few years.

As to that happening in Japan, I would say highly unlikely but of course, never say never!

thanks for posting

Terrible. Doc should pay damages and be jailed.

I've never seen that here, but I do try to avoid traffic.
A mate here in Aomori had a guy pass and then open his door suddenly at the next lights as the bike came past, no collision but the oyaji was trying to tell him that bikes shouldn't split lanes. I have had a few drivers berate me about taking up space in the lane but screw them. Asking if they have been drinking and if the police need to be called usually puts there heads back on their shoulders. Ride safe folks.
Roads scare the crap out of me - but the wrath of geriatric walkers on river banks can be pretty bad too.

Every time I ride in traffic I am just waiting for something to happen. This means I hardly ever ride in traffic, and when I do I am super cautious. Though of course if there is a nutter out to get me there is very little I can do to avoid him.
close to home

Mandeville Canyon (above Brentwood in LA) is the road this took place on. Road bikers use it on weekends (for its longish climb) and mtb'rs use it to get into the canyons above Santa Monica and Malibu. I've ridden this a number of times - both for road and mtb.

If proven guilty, i hope this doc gets max penalty and he gets his doc's license revoked. The guy is an ER doc AND HE DID NOTHING TO HELP THE INJURED.
He should serve the full seven years for assault with a dangerous weapon and be struck off the medical list for breaking the Hippocratic Oath.
If I was the judge ruling on the doctor's punishment, I would have his driver's license revoked and sentence him to 5,000 cycling hours for both road and trail riding. :D
I find motorists in Japan much more polite than back in the states but still...
morning/ evening rush are never a good time to be in traffic.
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