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Review Newbie: Wheelsfar warranty


Apr 13, 2015
Did some research, pull the trigger for a pair of wheelsfar 38mm along with black Swiss pad back in this summer June.

2016 New U shape 38mmx23mm Clincher with Edhub Model:FSC38CM-23U-2016

They ride great but after two months the rear wheel breaking got weird. It appears to be out of true as breakpad only partially touching the rim. I sent both wheels to Y's Road to true and balance the wheels. They inform the front wheel is fine but the rear wheel rim is out of shape and cannot fix by truing it.

I've rode norikura, yabitsu and Shimoda but probably didn't hit 2k mileage with it. Now contacting far sports for warranty arrangement.

My question is have anyone done any warranty claim with far sports before? I know we will have to bear the shipping cost that's fine, just totally clueless which carrier to use.

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