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Newbie in Shinjuku


Apr 12, 2010
Hi everyone,

Name's Micheal. I hail from "Bike City, USA" Portland, Oregon... although ironically, I haven't owned a bicycle since I was a child. I rode Japanese sport motorcycles for the past five or so years, but now living in Shinjuku a bicycle seems like a cheap, fun, eco-friendly alternative to trains and buses.

Not interested in anything fancy. Aesthetically, I love the simplicity of "fixies" although I've never ridden one before. The minimalism of the Fuji Classic Track and tokyobike.com SS series is my kind of style... I'm shopping for my first bike right now so if you've got any suggestions I'm all ears. I'm a student and so I'm trying to keep my budget around ¥40,000 or (preferably) less.


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