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Newbie here! Hello from Chuo-ku


May 25, 2020
Hi everyone! Kinda new to cycling and the whole Tokyo scene as well - moved here only August 2019!
I just got myself a Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29 (mountain bike) and can't wait for it to arrive next Friday!

I've some questions - if anyone has any recommendations or suggestion, I would appreciate some help!

1. Would I need to customise my mountain bike in order to have a more enjoyable ride in the city?
I see myself doing hour to two hour rides during the weekends to explore the Tokyo area.
I will start commuting to work via my bicycle, but it's only a 10mins ride away (from Kyobashi to Shidome)

2. I see the recommended paint shop here being Cook and Above Bike
Does anyone have any experience with any other shops? Looking for a place which may have a faster turnaround time (I heard the waitlist can be long for these 2 shops)

Thank you! And hoping to join in some rides with you guys soon!
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