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New Year's Goals


Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
Resolution's fail (miserably) by mid-January.... Instead I'm choosing some goals this year....
  1. Be able to complete the three mountains on day 2 of Norikura in 2014 without becoming wingeing pommie mess by the third one
  2. Participate in a cyclocross race by the end of 2014
  3. Participate in, and complete a Haute Route by 2015
  4. Participate in, and complete an Ironman Triathlon by 2016
To achieve some of these I'm going to have to, this year, (i) do at least one mid-week gym/run/roller session, ideally two or three; (ii) learn how to ride in a pack; (iii) learn how to get down a mountain quickly (and safely)
Anyone else with some new goals?


Maximum Pace
Nov 3, 2007


Maximum Pace
Hardest Crash
Jul 26, 2008
Next two months: spend 40-60min/day on the trainer. (besides some other stuff)


Chris Williams

Maximum Pace
Dec 21, 2013
2014 - keep riding and do some events in Japan
2015 - beat my 40 odd minutes up Kusatsu hill climb


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
2014 Goals:
  • Finish up my qualification in sports psychology.
  • Take several more modules for my sports nutrition qualification and coaching qualifications (If I get the final paper done for the above).
  • Become a more all round cyclist as to aid the teams captain in this years Elite Tour. (2500m altitude gain weekly)
  • Finish the 2014 season GC in the Top 20 and to podium on targeted stages that suit my strengths. (including stage wins at the Tour De Kumano and 2 Days at Gunma)
  • Increase upper body strength and core strength (started this at the beginning of December and seeing a huge difference in power transfer and stability).
  • Continue strength building and rehabilitation on my knees to prevent injuries that plagued this years CX season. (Again started this back at the start of December and seeing a huge difference and no longer suffering from pain and have now come off the weekly Hyaluronic acid injections)
  • Start track racing and would also like to take the 1 week course at Shuzenji- (which means I need a track bike :D)
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Maximum Pace
Oct 25, 2011
I'll stick with the one 160+ km ride per calender month and 100 km weekly minimum goal, but on top of that I'll take a shot at completing the Super Randonneur brevet series (200, 300, 400 and 600 km brevets in one season).

If I manage the SR series I'll probably end up with more than 10,000 km this year.

I am looking forward to when I can get my wife to ride to Tomin no Mori with me.


Speeding Up
Aug 2, 2012
1) Do many more of the mutiple day Japan exploration rides
2) Reasonably well complete Ironman Frankfurt
3) Get into and perform well at Furnace Creek 508 (or whatever this will be given it wont happen in Death Valley)
4) Fewer car accidents than this year


May 20, 2013
1) Keep to a goal of at least 100kms per week.
2) Join a TCC ride on a regular basis.
3) Avoid spending too much on Rapha gear...
4)...and Assos.


Maximum Pace
Sep 4, 2011
1, 190km a week between now & my flight to Tokyo
2, Have a great holiday in Japan including getting up this climb in Okayama without walking.
3, Hopefully say hello to some TCC'ers while in Tokyo
4, Beat my 2013 time on the Wiggle Mendips Sportive. (I should be able to do this if the day is dry, I descend in the wet like Bradley Wiggins)
5, At least 7000 km this year.

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Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
I descend in the wet like Bradley Wiggins

Easy their tiger, some here take great offense at accusations like that.


Maximum Pace
Sep 4, 2011
Me included. I hope none of us are quite that bad at descending in the wet.

You havent seen me. On the Mendips sportive in particular the descents were steep, twisting, unknown to me and very wet. At times I was going downhill slower than going up, I'm not proud about it but my nerve has gone. Japanese road surfaces are much better than those here these days so I hope to do better. Otherwise any ride I join would have to be wait at the bottom let alone WATT
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