Help New Year Resolution - Aiming for my first ride in Tokyo (on Saturday 1/11)


Jan 9, 2020
Hey guys!

I am visiting from the US with work and planning on hiring a bike from Rapha for a ride this Saturday.

However, as it happens I cannot join the group ride as I don't have a bike bag. So I am hoping to get some recommendations on routes or group rides I could join?

Thanks all
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Maximum Pace
What @Half-Fast Mike said.
Anyway, if you really want to join that group ride, a missing bike bag shouldn't stop you. Just add some dollars to your total travel expenses and pick one up at a store, in case Rapha can't help you out. And if worse comes to worst, get some garbage bags and tape.
Nevertheless, what @Kangaeroo said is probably a good alternative.
Anyway, I wish you a great time in Japan.
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