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New Year, New Bike :D


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Nov 4, 2011
Happy Holidays to everyone!

as for me Christmas came a day early on the 24th thanks to Tim (GS Astuto)

anyways the only part I'm needing help with is a wheelset which I've discussed with tim. If anybody has any suggestions in the tubular or tubeless category let me know looking to spend around 7万 max. So far I've looked at Novatech Lassers, Ultegra's, or having Tim build me a set. If anybody has any other suggestions let me know.


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Dec 14, 2006
Nice looking frame, I would go with Tim; (1) he's local and will give you good service. (2) He's local so you can kneecap him if he doesn't. :D
Merry Cyclemas and Happy New Gear.


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May 25, 2009
So far I've looked at Novatech Lassers, Ultegra's, or having Tim build me a set. If anybody has any other suggestions let me know.

Very Nice frame - love the naked wet matt finish.

Raced on Novatech Lassers, for two seasons - very good wheels but make sure you get the spokes retentioned after 500km or you will break spokes - also if you are a power house then I suggest getting them torqued right up.

Use Ultegra for wet weather and snow work - bloody amazing "RACE" level wheels and allow you to use either tubeless or standard clincher. I've had them 3 years now and never required any servicing - although this could be due to the HUGE amount of other wheelsets I have. (10 pairs)

GSASTUTO - Are probably one of the best all round training - racing wheels I have used, if you are just using them for standard weekend warrior riding then I would go with the clinchers, if you plan to race go tubular. The new baslat coating on the brake surface make these the "BEST" carbon rims I've used and I've done a shite load of riding in all types of weather on them including Norikura 4 times on them this year.

For the price Vs quality the GS ASTUTO are the way to go and I would rank these better than my 200,000 JPY SRAM S60's. I plan on getting a new set for the "New Bike" which wwill most probably be tubular and may look into ceramic bearings for them.


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Jun 1, 2010
I'm riding and loving the Ultegra 6700 tubeless with Maxxis Padrones. That being said, I want the DuraAce 7900 C24 TL, that Sikochi just mentioned! :D

I'd also like to add that you'll get tremendous performance, value and service with any of Tim's GSAstuto offerings!


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Oct 11, 2009
Thanks for the kudos, guys. I still think the best bang for buck is the Ultegra 6700 Tubeless. The Lasser's are good wheels for sure - but as FE says , watch the spokes! They use Sapim laser which is a great spoke - in fact the CX Ray is a double forged version of the Laser. However, the laser is a bit softer than the CX Ray and can fail for more powerful riders - especially in low spoke count configs. So - if you're pushing 80kg and /or pushing more than 1000w standing - the Lasser is probably not the best choice.

On our carbon wheels we always use CX-Ray , or , heavier blade if we are building 'standard' wheel. But critical point is just to make sure you have a balanced build.

The C24's spot my eyes, too. But since I like agile wheelsets (not much of a Clysdale), the 1500gr weight for a low profile wheelset doesn't fit my style (or prefs). I'd still go for the 6700 in a heartbeat. It's only 150gr heavier and DOES make alot of sense as a multi-purpose wheelset. But, for pro tour type riders, I could see where the C24 could make a play. For sure the DA hubs roll about as good as you can get! Except for the Alchemy or other esoteric hubs like the Gokiso or Monica. But you are getting a full wheelset for what a set of hubs alone costs!

Incidentally - Sapim just released a new series of spokes called the 'Flyer' - about 10-15% lighter than the Ray's and stronger!! Hmm, could be a very interesting way to breathe some new life into some of these older wheelsets or make some very nice new wheelsets based on lower cost Alloy rim like the Kinlin TB-24, as example. But I suspect we won't get any real stock on these spokes for about 6mo -right now they are limiting us to only 1 SET!! as preview.

Whatever you do - try to buy wheels that you can service or get parts for. This is a plus point on the Novatec and the Shimano.
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