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Jun 22, 2009
Just arrived from the states for a 2 year assignment in Tokyo. Looking to buy a new bike and find decent rides in and around the city. Need suggestions on where to find a decent road bike and decent training rides.

Like to ride 40-100mile rides over varied terrain. Just finished a double century ride across the state of NJ.

Will be living in / near the Roppongi area.

Any suggestions?


100 mile rides over varied terrain is what TCC does best :) Just keep an eye on the boards and look for ride announcements as they're posted. You'll probably want to get a bike bag along with a bike so you can use the trains to get out to the start points.

Hopefully see you on the road!
On bikes, it depends on how large a bike you need. Anything over 56cm frame becomes TOUGH in Japan unless you special order. Y's Academy in Akasaka (@Tameike-sanno) has a special "large" bike section on B2, but do not discount much. If you need big, suggest looking for used in TCC classifeds and/or ask around on one of the rides....
Yotsuya - Bike Shops

My wife, Emi owns 3 shops in Yotsuya.

PSYCRITHM - Trek Bikes.

BIKE IT - Cannondale

ZUKI - various brands

Located near Akebonobashi on the Shinjuku Line. Takes less than 20 min. from Roppongi.

Let me know if you are planning on stopping by and I can have someone meet you to help with English. Okano, the master at Zuki Bike speaks English.

Best regards,

Andrew Eickhoff

for help with English, you can also skype:
Emi: emiredrock
Becky: rebecky6
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