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Nov 30, 2010
Hi All,

I'm a holiday rider & occasional commuter living in Urayasu/Chiba.
I find TCC a great place to exchange ideas.
Recently my favourite ride is further down the Bohsoh peninsula.
I'm looking forward to seeing you -- hopefully joining you -- on the way.

Welcome aboard, Bird! TCC did a few Boso rides in the past, organised by the head of our Chiba chapter, Phil. Looking forward to the next one in fact! :)

Welcome to TCC to you and your nice-looking bike.

I would love to ride in Chiba more. Being in Urayasu sounds just about perfect. Still close to West-Tokyo, but with the hinterland readily accessible.
Welcome! As Thomas says, we do group rides down Boso way, as well as in the Tone River area/Kujukuri coast, so hopefully see you on the road soon.

Great looking bike, by the way.
Thank you everyone, for your nice welcome.

After being off the bike for more than a month - mainly due to too much strain with my job - I went for a ride yesterday.
It was meant to be a slow, easy ride. It sure went slow, but not easy!:eek:uch:
Apparently, I need to ride more often...much more often.

Another fine bike!

I'm hoping we can do a TCC ride down Boso and Yoro Keikoku this month, perhaps see you then?
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