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Oct 20, 2007
My name is Tracy (Mr.) and I recently joined the club (at least via website registration). I'm in the military at Yokota (just arrived 4 weeks ago) and am wanting to ride with some of you - the club members (in the Fussa area - at first anyway). I was a CAT-5 USCF (United States Cycling Federation) racer last year but have since not been able to race because of time constraints. The bike I have is a 2002 Klein Quantum Race. I am having difficulty in finding some routes and need help in establishing good ones for the weekdays and weekends. I believe I have found one for the weekends; some paved biking trail off of highway 55 (the road leading to Tama lake from route 5). Anyway, I would love to meet as many fellow cyclist as I can! ....mata aimasho! :D
hi there!

Good to meet you and welcome to TCC!

We have several members at yokota, I am sure you can hook up with them on the site.


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