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Tech New tire died


Sep 19, 2014
Sounds stupid but I recently got a set of new 28mm marathon schwalbes from the store and know the back one is unusable I think. There was a blow out (2 days after what I thought was a puncture.) I just looked at the tire and there was a bulge and took the tire off and could see the bead of the tire, metal and all. I could even stick a pen through it. The hole is right next to the bead. Oh ya the puncture was from right where the hole was. Does anyone have a clue why this could happen? As I just bought the tire from sports depo a week ago is there any possibility to save the tire for future use( or likelihood of return/exchange)?

While I deal with this problem I through my old 38mm on the old from and the back and kept the 28mm on the front. Can anyone foresee any problems with this?
I will probably get a new 28 mm for the back but a different brand (as store don't seem to carry these schwalbes much here), anything I need to watch out for or be careful of?

Sorry for all the questions I'm still quite new at this.


Maximum Pace
Apr 3, 2012
Lots of things could have gone wrong.
  • Sidewall puncture from road debris. These usually end up wig tears.
  • Over inflation.
  • Tire not seated properly in the rim.
  • Inner tube pinched.
  • Defective tire.
It doesn't hurt to try to get an exchange.

You could also try a tire boot, but my experience has been these are at best temporary and the tear will grow larger over time.

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
As I just bought the tire from sports depo a week ago is there any possibility to save the tire for future use( or likelihood of return/exchange)?
If the tire had been defective it would more likely have failed straight away.

You shouldn't have any problems with stability with 28 on the front and 38 on the back. The difference in angle will be negligible.

In that class of tyre I like the Panaracer Pasela 25mm.

Adam Cobain

Maximum Pace
Jul 1, 2014
I have dealt with customers tyre seating issues with schwalbe tires in the past. Rim width is very important to make sure you get the tyre seated correctly. If your original rim was designed for a wider (35-38mm) the 28mm can sometimes on inflation have to stretch wider to fill out the void, hence not seating right, and when inflated, or worse, under cornering load, disengage from the rim. Often the tears comes for the initial seating process and if it is not right, brake pads can sometimes wear through tyre sidewall or it can simply split. I am not saying this is the case, but just food for thought. Marathon and Marathon Plus can be extremely tricky to set up sometimes in my experience. Good Luck


Sep 19, 2014
Thanks for the info everyone! I decided to put the old back on and manage to do a 100 km ride today, my first and in the mountains too. So I may stick with this in the future.

That's interesting about the marathons being difficult. They are the hardest tires I have tried to put on a bike before.

Thanks again
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