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New riders in West Tokyo Area!


Jan 25, 2010
Hey everybody!

I just relocated back to Tokyo about 2 1/2 years ago from Honolulu. I just started riding bikes again and decided to upgrade from my mama-chari to a full road bike. I also talked by GF into getting a hybrid.

We are slowly working learning the ropes of riding bikes seriously. If you see us riding around precariously in the Tama New Town area, give us a shout :)

Right now, I am riding a Felt Z100, and my GF, a Giant Escape R3.1 (she reminds me, it's baby blue in color). Since I am new at this, I may be asking for a lot of help on the mechanical side of things.

We are always looking for people to ride with, and hang out with, so feel free to drop us a line if you guys are in the area. My personal fitness goal is to do the Honolulu Century Ride this year!


Apr 26, 2010
Hi! I'm new to the area and I don't think too far from tama new town. what days are you usually free to ride? Let me know if you're interested in meeting up. So far I'm the only one i know around that pedals a road bike in town so it would be nice to make friends. Cheers!


Sep 2, 2009
Not sure how far you are from Saitama, but I am up here.

I used to ride into Tokyo on my BMX in about 3 hours, and on a Mama Chari in about 1 hour, so my new ride will get me there in no time.

Would be great to have a ride and a chat if you are up for it!

Let me know.

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