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New Rider - What Road Bike to Get?


Jan 25, 2010
Hi Everyone,

I'm a new rider, looking to get my first real road bike. I have a 6 speed mamachari, and besides that, I do 35 minutes on my exercise bike everyday. I want to start training, so eventually I can complete a century.

What kind of road bike would you guys recommend that I get? The closest bike shop is Asahi which is about 10 minutes away from my train station. They recommended that I get a 2010 Giant Defy 3, which would run about 78000 JPY. I saw a place online that had a 2009 Felt Z100 (qbei.jp) for about 66,000 JPY. Is there any other bikes I should consider? Any other bike shops I should check out? I'm in Tama New Town.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Giant makes fine bikes and offers good value--but you probably wouldn't go wrong with any of the big domestic or overseas makers.

For a first bike, I'd worry more about fit and service than brand, and would recommend buying locally (unless you really need to count every yen.)

Getting a bike the right size is probably most important, and buying through the LBS can make that more likely (but not guarantee it). Also, until you learn how to do basic maintenance yourself, it's useful to have a local shop who is responsible for your new bike and keeping it running well. A new bike often needs a adjustments and tweaks after the first few 100kms until it "settles in". Plus an LBS can help with fine-tuning fit such as switching out stems etc.

Anyway, good luck--always fun shopping for a new ride!
Thanks for the your help! Hopefully buying something in the upcoming month.
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