New Rider looking for Other Riders

Jun 17, 2010
Hello, everyone,

My name is Nate, and I'm back into cycling after a bit of a lay off.

I got my first road bike (Specialized Allez Elite) when I was back in the States in February and have ridden nearly every week since. I've also been upgrading my full suspension MTB recently for a bit of crosstraining and adrenaline.

Aside from the 18km commute a few times a week, Road Rides are usually along the Chiba side of Tokyo Bay (up to 120km roundtrip so far) and Mountain Bike Rides are not yet adventurous enough.

It would be great to have some serious riders to ride with. I live on the edge of Tokyo (Urayasu, Chiba), but I've got a car to get around as well. I'm also interested in riding in a group and trying a couple of races.

Any hints as to how to use this site and find riders to get super fit and super fast with?

Thanks in advance,



Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Hi Nate and welcome to the forums.

One of the best ways to jump on a ride is check out the forums, most rides get posted here

Also another good place to keep an eye on rides is the Positivo Espresso blog here

Races are posted up in the relevant section of the forums and there is a great sticky there regarding all the different races and types.


Maximum Pace
Welcome, Nate. There's some great riding out in Boso (Chiba peninsula)... If you head inland at Chiba city toward Honda or Toke instead of following the bay, and then turn south into the interior, there are a lot of nice roads to explore. Search the forums for "Boso" and you'll turn up a few rides with various route ideas.

We only had one TCC group ride out here so far this year, but hope to do a couple more in the early summer...


Speeding Up
Jun 13, 2007
Speaking of TCC group rides - no news on Tour de Westside?
It's not like I don't ride west side every weekend, but something more social (cappuccinal?) would be nice for a change