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New rider in Fussa/Yokota AB (near Ome)


Oct 4, 2008
Hello, all.

I live over in Fussa (just down from Ome at Yokota AB) and was not aware that this club existed. I met one of your members today (user name "deej") down along the Tama River who told me to check the site out. I'd really like the opportunity to ride with others on some group rides - especially some of the routes off the beaten path and without thousands of stoplights, of course.

There isn't a big group of roadies here on Yokota - most seem to be into mountain biking for the most part. As of now, I pretty much ride solo, and know very few routes. I'm relatively new to road riding, but I feel like I'm progressing pretty well and would probably get along even better with a good group to ride with. I'd be more than happy to join up with some of you on some weekend (or maybe even occasional weekday) group rides. Please drop a line and say hello!


Welcome aboard !

Stay tuned and I can guarantee there will be a ride of some sort almost every weekend passing your way.


Hey Eric,

Glad to see you dropped by the site. It was a pleasure meeting (and briefly riding with) you today.

As chazzer said, TCC folks are riding out into the mountains west of Tokyo just about every weekend. Most of these rides are posted in advance, so just keep an eye on the new posts and I'm sure you'll see something that interests you. Don't hesitate to join one -- I guarantee you'll have some great rides.

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