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New Positivo Espresso Jerseys/Shorts

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Jun 22, 2008
I am rather reluctant to write something which is similar to an advertisement, but the design for the 2009 Positivo Espresso Team Jerseys and Bib shorts has been [almost] finalized and if you would like to have a closer look, please check out the drafts at


As we are a very small team (three guys riding, one guy writing) we could never afford to design and produce team shirts for our members only and we would like to hand them out also to other interested parties as well.

They are professionally made by F2P and they have some substantial advantages:

- They also fit guys who do not have the same body shape as Ivan Mayo.

- They are orange.

- Which is good if you are looking for your photos in the Allsports database

- There are many funny things printed on the shirt.

- The bibshorts are the best I ever bought (same type as last year).

- You will constantly be asked if you are one of the almost extinct Positivos

The price tag is in the range of 8.000 - 9.000 Yen for the short sleeve jersey and 8.500 to 9.500 Yen for the bib shorts.

Please send me a PM if you are interested.
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