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New / Old Cyclist in Machida / Hon-Atsugi


Dec 19, 2009
Just wanted to introduce and let people know I would like to do some road riding with some groups. I have been here for a while at Zama Base near Machida, but never had any cold weather gear. Got some today and took it for a spin and wow, it works, I am ready to ride!

I am ancient in cyclist-years, but have a Panasonic road bike (ancient also) with Ultegra components, and swapped the frame for a generic carbon frame a few years ago. I would say it rolls pretty fast... Would like to do 25-75 k rides in Yokohama-Machida-Atsugi area on weekends. I am not snobby about who I ride with, but prefer a group that at least knows basics of pulling and drafting and not crashing :), ya know, basic group riding stuff.

This is my first time on the BBS and it looks like a great groups of people. I really enjoy riding in Japan, it's so much more cyclist-friendly than the US! If anyone is interested and can tolerate me falling behind in the hills for a while until I get into better shape, I'd like to meet some people and get out on the road!

Hey... Im just down the road in Tsurugamine.

The distance your looking for fits in with my local training rides.... it's a 15km loop with some minor climbs and 1 killer climb. I do about 3-4 of these or until my legs go to jelly. If you interested in joining me the more the merrier!

TCC and PE also do some longer riders that get posted up in the forums so keep an eye out for ones that take your fancy.
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