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Maximum Pace
Jul 27, 2009
Hi all, I'm new here - joined TCC after it being recommended to me.

Been in Japan 5 years but haven't cycled for nearly 10 and am looking to buy a new bike to use in Japan. I'd love any advice you can give me (and to cycle with some of you in the future if that's ok!). My previous experience has been with a (now old, Dawes) tourer, so I'm pretty ignorant about road/race cycles.

Here's the deal: I'm tall (194cm) so I guess the frame must be at least 60cm (?) I'm budgeting around 200,000yen.

So far I've been looking at:

Felt Z35

Cube Agree Ultegra SL Compact 2009

... and I was in a shop totally lusting over the Trek 2.3, which was over my budget but looks very nice

Any advice would be very much appreciated, as I don't really want to waste my money, obviously. Thanks! :)

Welcome to the TCC! Nice to know we were recommended. :)

Check out our classifieds section, there are a couple of larger (used) frames available.
Out of those 3 I'd pick the Felt because of the frame.
Even though I'm a Trek fan the 2300 is not quite good enough....
I never really liked Felt but lately have grown some admiration for them
The cube is one I know nothing about.
Ahhh...finding the right size bike for you in Japan would be pretty hard. Where are you located?

Y200,000 should allow you to get something with full 105, and in fact Felt is coming out with a full carbon 105 bike for 2010 that is Y230,000. A pricepoint undheard of for full carbon/full 105.

you could add Specialized to the mix as that would make me happy (ok, I had to add that!) but of the line-up you have I think the Felt has the best bang for buck. I had an F1R "back in the day" and I really liked the geometry. It handled very well and was very predictable/stable. I cant say how it would apply to their entry-level offerings, but his entry-level bikes seem to have a lot of race-pedigree built in. The only thing I would worry about it the length of headtubes as he used to (at least when i rode Felt) have short HTs that required a ton of headset spacers (bad news) for those who rode more upright positions.

Cube? Its just another brand....it would be my last pick of the 3 you have chosen. Small company with a small importer in Japan would mean big problems if you have trouble with the frame. Also resale value would be lower than either the Felt or Trek.
Ah already the TCC recommendation is bearing fruit! Thanks for quick replies everyone.

It sounds like the Felt Z35 will be the best bet then. Wiggle also has the Felt F75, but I'm guessing that geometry would be agony after so long out of the saddle...?

Thomas, thanks for the heads up for the classifieds section. As this is my first thin wheeled bike ( :eek: ) I'm hesitant to get only a frame and build it myself.

I guess the Specialized one in my price range would be the Allez Elite Compact?

2010 seems close. But I'm impatient! :)

Oh, I'm out West on the Chuo line.
I think differences in geometries, just like differences in frame materials, are ofttimes overstated. I bought a Felt F75 a couple of years ago, after not riding much for 30 years, and I didn't find it at all difficult to get used to (although I tend to get down in the drops only when descending or facing a stiff head wind). On the flexiblity scale of 1 to 10, I'm about a 2.5 (thick, head down, straight ahead). Everybody's different and maybe a bit of caution is called for -- I'm sure the Z35 is a good bike and excellent value. I think Felts are well-designed. If I decide to buy another, full-carbon road bike, it will almost surely be a Felt.

My best advice would be to go test ride a few bikes if that is an option here in japan. I test rode a few bikes when I was in San Diego and opted for a Ridley over Orbea and Kuota. But my Ridley frame comes second to my Pinarello Opera frame (steel). If money is tight definitely go with one of the package deals. you can always upgrade at a later date, in bits and pieces.




Thanks David and James for the advice and links.

It's a bit frustrating being in Japan, as despite my size I'm sure I could at least try some bikes if I were back in the UK. Basically going to have to order and hope here I think. Pretty set on that Felt now...
Yotsuya - Bike Shops

Hey Tom,

If you haven't bought a bike yet, my wife owns 3 shops in Yotsuya.

PSYCRITHM - Trek Bikes

BIKE IT - Cannondale

ZUKI - various brands

Right now, all of the websites are in Japanese only. We are in the process of redoing them in English as well. All the shops offer great service (shameless plug), and have an excellent reputation - with Japanese. They are not the best at English (exception Zuki), but the staff are friendly and will try to get you into the right bike for you. Also, I can have someone meet you there to translate if you are interested in coming by.

btw I had the Psycrithm shop master, Maeda san, contact Trek Japan, they said you would need a 64cm, or a 62cm. Trek Japan said that they can order from America, 62cm frames. They can get Madone 5.2 frame set, 62cm full carbon. Around ¥220,000. Maybe 3 weeks.

As for the 2.3, they are around ¥220,000. I didn't get the availability on that.

They also said that they have a couple of 62cm limegreen, Road1 Series 1.5 bikes that they can order.


Discounts for TCC Members

Sorry Tom. Can't offer a discount for the whole club. Especially on the newest frames. But, the shop is warm, friendly and great service. They have excellent aftercare. That said, you can get a decent deal. But, we can't compete on just price only.
Sorry Tom. Can't offer a discount for the whole club. Especially on the newest frames. But, the shop is warm, friendly and great service. They have excellent aftercare. That said, you can get a decent deal. But, we can't compete on just price only.
At the end of the day I remember the shops that offer quick turn around don't charge through the roof. Service is paramount. I got charged way too much for a part two weeks ago which I specially went to the shop for cause I like to support local bike shops but that shop in now off my list of places to recommend.

Feel exactly the same way and I have no problem traveling to get the parts I need.

Although its got to the point now where if the item isn't an emergency purchase I purchase online especailly as some products here in Japan have a 50-60% markup. My new ceramic FSA BB is a classic example of this 120 USD overseas, 38,000 JPY local.
Didn't expect this thread to generate so much interest, very happy I joined :)

Andy, thanks a lot for the info. I'll come have a look - if you send me a private message I can give you my email. Yotsuya's very convenient for me.

So current situation is basically Felt ordered online or may be tempted by the Trek...
Well, here's how to revive an old thread.

Amazingly after faffing around for a long time, I finally have a bike. Got a 2012 Pinarello FP Due with Shimano 105. It's gone a total of about 15km so far, so rather a long way to go before I can join a group ride, but maybe in the future! :confused:

Thanks again for all the suggestions before - looking forward to finally getting into this cycling in Japan m'larky.
Nice bike and welcome to the Pina - Club!
I'd hate to have to go shopping with you if it takes you that long to decide!Lol!
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