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New Member looking to test ride a 56 or 58cm


Oct 4, 2010
Hello All,

Just joined because I have had a really hard time buying a new bike.
I want to test ride a 56 or 58 cm FELT F series. I live in Akita-ken and the bike shops keep trying to tell me I need a 54cm. But I have test rode some 54's including FELTs and they are to small. But, I can not find anything bigger then a 54cm bike to test ride. I called all the bike shops in Sendai as well.

Any suggestions? I will be in Tokyo all day next Friday and would like to buy a new bike ASAP because I just sold my old GIANT that was too small for me. I called Riteway the FELT distributor and they were not much help, but my Japanese is not that great either.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to bring my bike to Tokyo to ride since I am there on weekends once or twice a month.

Hi Michael,

I suggest you go to the Y's Road in Akasaka. The basement floor actually has bikes for "taller" people. I heard that if you want to get a proper sizing done at Y's road, you pay 1000yen, but this is refundable if you end up buying a bike from them.

That is great information. I have their phone number and address in my Riteway distributor catalog. They will be one of the many bike shops I call after work today.
1000 yen for a proper fitting is not bad. I still want to test ride a 2 grand bike before I buy it though. And not on an indoor spinner thing. Hope they don't mind.

Thanks so much.
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