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New member and triathlon club Q


Feb 22, 2023
Hi all,

I'm somewhat new to Tokyo and am interested to hear some suggestions for any cycling/triathlon clubs I can join that are English friendly. I have just registered for the upcoming 70.3 Ironman race in early June so would like to meet some like minded people to join for training rides etc. I prefer the cycle side of triathlons and tend to do the run/swim training solo but would also be interested if anyone knows some swimming training groups also. I live In shinagawa ku. I have both road bike and TT bike here with me in Tokyo.
I used to do some open water swim training with a group on Isshiki Beach in Hayama a few years ago. I think it was with people from Triathlon in Tokyo, which is English-friendly. They still mention the training spot on their web-site, but for the latest info their message board was always the best place to go. Can't say if it is still active because this was a few years ago, but it's worth becoming a member to see if that gives you access. Good luck!
Triatlhon in Tokyo is definitely a very active group. A little less now in the off-season, but there are quite a few activities.
Swim: I think there is triatlhon-specific early Monday morning swim group in the Sports Club NAS somewhere in Tokyo.
Bike: I would say that most of the time people ride indoors, especially in the weekdays. It's just time-efficient, right?! But I think is a Friday early morning bike hill reps near the Imperial Palace.
Run: Many of the TnT members are also part of the Namban Rengo running club, which has regular workouts Wednesday evenings at Yoyogi Park.

During summer, there is a regular OWS in Hayama on Saturday mornings.
Check the TnT forum for more details.

I did a 70.3 two years ago, but now I have a little human being at home to take care of. I entered to race at the Yokohama triatlhon this year, and it should be my "coming back", but it might become a DNS. I understimated how mentally and physically draining is to take care of a child.

Feel free to drop me a message if there is anything I can help you with.
Great thanks for info, I will contact Triathlon in Tokyo club and see what they say
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