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Aug 28, 2009
Hey everybody! I'm a senior in high school and I'll only be in Tokyo for about a year. However, I am very excited to start cycling seriously. One of my goals is to do a an olympic triathlon by the age of 19 (I have 2 years to train up) and a full triathlon . I can do the swimming part easily as I'm a competitive swimmer and I joined my school's cross country team to get better at long distance running. My cycling is horrible right now though.

Right now, the only bikes I own are an old Trek singletrack and another mountain bike (I have no idea what brand it is). Both of them are in decent shape thanks to my uncle in Singapore who fixed them up before I moved to Tokyo and are equipped with Shimano Deore XT components. I'm planning on buying a Trek 1.5 soon (just waiting for the new 2010 version to come to Japan). I live in Nishi-Azabu and, coincidentally, I'm just a 5 minute walk from the Roppongi Hills Trek store. :)

I actually doubt that I'll ever meet with most of you as I'm a total beginner and you all do these insane 200+km routes. I'll probably be active in the forum though. HAJIMEMASHITE!
Hello Ongd and welcome to TCC :)

I have never entered an olympic distance triathlon but I have completed Ironman Japan a few times. Good luck with your ambition to become a triathlete. I am sure you know about Team TBB. If not, their website will be of interest to you >>> http://www.teamtbb.com

I like the Trek :cool:


I'm hoping that I'll do an Ironman before I get too old but I really doubt I'll be able to train enough in two years. I chose the Trek 1.5 because it was awarded the best bike for beginners award this year from the bicycling magazine. I decided to wait for the 2010 version because it has tiagra shifters instead of sora shifters.
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