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Oct 11, 2009
We've been hosting a weekly 'PowerTap Cafe' for some time now and I've expanded it since taking over another driving bay to setup all the machines. For the next few weeks we'll be offering 3X / weekly indoor sessions:

Tuesdays - Strength and Endurance. Building blocks of sub-threshold to work on upping your stamina, tempo power and general strength.

Wednesdays - VOMax / Climbing. Higher intensity /load sessions with special focus on climbing techniques and pacing.

Thursdays - PowerTap cafe. Introduction to power data based riding. We usually do a simplified power assessment session or just pull something fun out of the workout folder to tackle.

Fridays - Open at the moment, but I may start scheduling a challenge series. This would be a series of races or challenges that we run as ITT or even group race.


1) 'Drop in' : 3000 yen/session (TCC discount fee is 2000 yen)
2) PowerTap Cafe : Free! Limit to 4 sessions or space available. Meaning, if a first time rider comes, they get priority.
3) Peleton : I'm working out details now for a monthly , unlimited plan.


1) So far we have 8 riding stations all equipped with either PowerTap wheels or using PowerBeam Pro. We also have Minoura rollers and trainers.

2) It's best if you can use one of our bikes (mainly sizes 52 and 54), but you may bring your own if it's equipped with a suitable power transducer. (SRM, PowerTap, etc)

3) We do most of our 'work' on PerfPro which is a fairly sophisticated multi-rider platform. We also use Peri-Pedal, TrainerRoad and VirtualTrainer to round out the I/O suite.

4) We've also licensed several Sufferfest Videos and we'll be adding to the catalog for your pain and enjoyment.

5) SixCycle. If you are serious about your training, then we can set you up with a personal SixCycle account. This allows you to communicate more effectively with your coach and follow your performance, form and training stress.


1) Sessions are attended by elite riders (Japanese and European Pro Team or Elite amateurs) and we have a resident coach, Florent Horeau, (French Diploma of Cycling) who led Mauritius national team and has worked extensively in France especially for development in track and road. He's now acting as the official coach for the IPC (Neil Pryde - Men's Club) Team here in Japan. We also have a roster of highly qualified guest coaches and instructors who are actively involved in this project and lending their experience and assistance in ongoing session development and planning.


1) Clean bill of health. Indoor sessions can be especially stressful. I'm not going to ask for a Doctor's note - but you will be required to sign a medical waiver.

2) Heart Rate Strap. I have a few loaners for emergency use, but hey, who wants to wear sloppy seconds? All sessions are designed around heart rate and power goals. If you don't have a strap, we'll be happy to sell you one. We currently stock Wahoo and PowerTap models. ANT+ Preferably, but BLE is also ok.

3) Pedals. If you are riding something other than Look or Shimano, please bring your own pedals. If you have Garmins, then bring your bike.


If you stick with this it works. Indoor sessions let you maximize your zone training because you aren't getting interfered with other crap like Taxis, red lights and Mamacharis. There is a higher incentive to complete a session because you are sitting next to a guy (or gal) suffering the same as you with a Spartan Drillmaster guiding you through the gauntlet. Our bodies are naturally trained to be lazy and avoid pain, we help you un-learn those habits and embrace the feeling of power.

As a small case study, we supported a group of 20 riders doing a special charity ride to Tohoku. Some had cycled once or twice in their life, others a few more times. Most were carrying more than a 6 pack or two. Over the course of several weeks training most of the riders saw increases of more than 40% in their FTP scores (some doubled and higher), significant weight reduction and overall improvements in technique and stamina. (I have the numbers if you want to see them).

Here's a pic of the old setup - I'll post a pic of the new one later today. Much improved!

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