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May 13, 2008
Just moved to Tama-Ku from Nara-Ken about a month ago. Does anybody know of any good bike shops that stock Cervelo's Soloist Team?

So far, I've found a link for Zuki in Shinjuku (about 20 mins by train, the more local the better). Also been to Friend Shokai but was too focussed on other bikes at the time to ask them.

By the by, a Soloist Team with Ultegra is only 2000 USD in USA but this only gets me the frame set in Japan. It appears that I have to build up a Soloist Team which will bring it close to double the USA price of similar spec. The estimated build cost will also be very close to the Soloist Carbon frame set or a complete Madone 5.2. Point is, does anybody also know where to get a complete Soloist Team at a reasonable price in Japan? If a substantial saving can be made then I'm prepared to travel.

Thanks in advance for any input.
Hi, and welcome to TCC! You should perhaps contact Philip by PM, he's just got himself a jewel of a Soloist.

By the by, a Soloist Team with Ultegra is only 2000 USD in USA but this only gets me the frame set in Japan.

I came across this issue too during endless Cervelo research, and I don't believe there's a way around it short of (a) going abroad to buy the bike or (b) getting a friend/family member to buy and ship one to you. I seriously doubt there'll be any Cervelo's going cheap in Japanese shops (especially in larger sizes), and they are one of the manufacturers that don't let their dealers ship from online orders.

As well as Philip, danny recently finished a Cervelo build:

Buying Online . . .

You can buy online from the states:


They are happy to ship to Japan. Just remember you may* be required to pay import duties

* I know one person who purchased from the US and his frame was delivered without any import duties being levied.

If you want to buy in Japan you can arrange a good discount. I got 20 percent off the Soloist Carbon frame. Not sure what discount you will get on the Soloist Team.


Oops, I stand corrected on...almost every point :eek:

Thanks for that info Philip. I could've sworn that Competitive said somewhere on their site that they wouldn't ship Cervelos overseas. That is really good to know...
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