Ride New in town, looking to do a first ride/train

Jeff MacLellan

May 29, 2014
North Reading, Massachusetts
I just took a short term assignment in Tokyo from Boston for a few months and brought my bike with me. I have been looking through the posts and there is a lot of great information in here. The ride that Tambushi is doing tomorrow is a little outside my current range or I would join that one. We had a long winter in Boston and the roads are pretty beaten up so I am a little behind where I would like to be for this time of the year. Can anyone recommend a good first combination ride, train ride? I was aiming for something in the 65-75k range and would love to get a little bit of climbing in. I am located a few blocks off of the Imperial Gardens by the Kamiyacho metro station. I rode out to the Tamagawa last weekend and did some exploring there but realized that the train provides some more options and a little less stop and go so I got a bike bag this week and wanted to get out for some exploring this weekend. Looking forward to getting the distance cranked up and getting out with you in the coming weekends.



Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2012
You could get on the Chuo line to Ome station (direct train).

From Ome, a very easy to follow but scenic route is to ride west along the river to Okutaka Lake. There is a soba restaurant to eat lunch there. After lunch, just ride back along the same road to Ome (it will be slightly downhill most of the way). Link to route.

The entire route is also on Google Streetview, with views like this:


Speeding Up
Feb 22, 2014
kawasaki shi, takatsuku
im near in tamagawa river..
and very near at futako tamagawa station same as @rommelgc
we ride sometimes along the tamagawa river & ride tamagawa riverside all the time..
but i rarely ride on weekends since im busy at work..im always along that riverside mostly weekdays 10am - 2pm if you can ride that time on weekdays contact me so we can train together :)