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New in Town! Looking for group rides and new friends.


Mar 15, 2024
Hello! I'll be moving to Tokyo in just under a week from Vancouver, Canada for a study abroad program.

I'm gonna be living in Kita City and hope to do tons of city and mountain riding while I'm there.

I'm hoping to find some groups that ride hilly routes on Fridays or the weekends. I plan on joining the Rapha tokyo club as well.

Please let me know if you have any route recommendations around Kita or if you're looking for someone to ride with!
Welcome and good luck meeting new groups. I am a bit far to meet up (in the Yokosuka area), but keep an eye out and you will see the occassional posted rides as things warm up.
Also check out Half-fast Cycling for the less competitive style of riding.
Contact me when you get here and let's see if we plan something. I live nearby.
If I'd been competing in this recent "Half-Fast" ride, I'd have lost, miserably.

But as it was, I enjoyed it.
The best part of Half-Fast - the intentions of the ride are posted ahead of time.
No one likes to show up to a sprint expecting to tour and vice-versa!

If I was up in the Yokohama area or further north, I would still ride with them. The distance is just a tad too much for me now.
If anyone here might be interested in a hilly ride out west on Sunday 24, send me a PM.

(After reading the details, of course you'd be entirely free to decide that no you're not interested: this isn't some kind of trap.)
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