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New in town from Sydney

Kim Janson

Sep 24, 2018
Hi all,

Thanks for the add I think this is a great forum for new people in town who are not too fluent in the local language.

I’ll be here for a few months and brought my road bike over from Sydney. I’m staying in Minato-ku and was wondering if there was some sort of weekend group rides that happen out of the city? Really keen to see and ride Japan.

Back home I try get out as much as I can and even though Im not a great climber, I do love climbing (masochist haha).

Im also hearing I need to buy some sort of bike bag so I can catch the train? Can someone please advice on this and how you manage this ie where do you store it, does t fit in your back jersey pocket etc.

Thanks again guys and hope I get a chance to ride with you!

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007

My group, Half-Fast Cycling, usually has rides each weekend starting from Roppongi Hills. The rides are social and non-threatening, and a nice way to meet other riders and learn the lie of the land. There are various splinter groups for more adventurous stuff.

A thread on bike bag issues here: https://tokyocycle.com/threads/bike-bag-rules-for-trains.6946/#post-100861

I use and recommend the MontBell Quick Carry - available from a MontBell store in e.g. Shibuya or online. There are two sizes, M and L. For a road bike up to 56 cm, M is fine. It rolls up to easily fit in a bottle cage or jersey pocket. In extremis, it also can do duty as a windproof poncho.

Mike's top tips for stress-free bike bag (輪行袋 - rinkōbukuro) use:
  • Practice getting your bike in and out of the bag before the first time you need to do it and catch a train.
  • When you remove the wheel, tighten the nut on your QR skewer before putting it in the bag. (They can shake loose and get lost.)
  • Wait at the very front or rear end of the train, to take advantage of the bulkhead space. The wheelchair parking area also works well.
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