New in town for 2y, Romain/32/fr, long rides with nice climbs !?

Feb 15, 2018

I'm new in Tokyo, french, 32 yo, have moved from Hong-Kong 3 months ago.
I have a few questions around biking for you guys:

1/ morning weekdays city rides

any of you doing morning weekdays rides in the city ? i live in hanzomon station, i will try to do morning rides on arakawa river or need to figure out some other itineraries around yoyogi/imperial palace/akasaka or others if not too much cars traffic and traffic lights?
i target to start around 6-615am and be back home around 745-8am.

2/ multi days ride trips
i have a friend visiting from HK for 2x3days bike trips : Apr 28-29-30 + May 19-20-21 ; and will do many more later.
do you have some recommendation for itinerary (we can start few hours train ride away from tokyo, we can come back same city every day (different loops) or change cities everyday carrying a small pack).
you are welcome to join us on these 2 trips if you are available ! let's do training rides beforehand.
as an example, we did 2 trips in Taiwan last year (3days/550km/7000m elevation ; 2days/390km/7000m elevation) ; both self supported and self organized logistic/itinerary ; happy to share the route/gpx if you are interested ; i attach sample photo of our equipment/itinerary.
i was thinking for trip 1 to do the lakes around kawaguchiko (~120km), and day 2 do hardcore fuji day doing full loop and all 3 climbs within the same day (strava: and last day maybe go around hakone. i hope the roads will be not too busy because of GW.

3/ weekend day rides from tokyo city center or short train ride away

how can i know if you guys are doing weekend rides from tokyo city center or from short train ride (like 1h train away and 120-180km distance?) ; are you posting here or others?

On top of riding, i also do lot of ski mountaineering, and trail running. I will try to do some combo like road bike+trail running over the same weekend to explore Japan.

Thanks for sharing information,
Excited to ride in japan with you guys.

See you,

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Sep 28, 2011

Probably too far for your mornings but I am out a few mornings a week in saiko area on Arakawa. You are welcome to join. Pace is around 34-37 on the flats.

There are also weekend rides out from Arakawa to the Tokigawa area often on weekends.

Hopefully there will be some more rides posted as the weather improves.