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New in Nishi-Tokyoshi, need buddy and mentor for a riding.


Feb 21, 2008
Hello folks,

Good place for bicycle.

I just joined and I have moved from Korea to Nishi-Tokyo a month ago and struggling to find good mtb course and buddy for a riding around here. I have searched Google maps and earth to find good place and road, but there are too many obstacles to padal in Tokyo. I used to ride mountain and country side where I came from, but things are totally different in here. I feel like a little kid with no parents.

I want to ride on weekend and want to broaden my relationship via riding in Tokyo. save me if you live Nish-Tokyoshi or near Nerimaku.

thank you and safe riding.

Hi and welcome to TCC! :welcome:

I live in Nerima and there are lots of great rides around here, I particularly recommend you head for Okutama and try out the mountainbike courses around there.

please come and join us on our other rides, I am sure you will enjoy them.

Let me join

:) great!

I would like to join and how can I join the riding? Is there regular riding time or schdule? Let me know. thank you in advance.

Hi Jun,

welcome to TCC! :welcome:

I do not recommend to post private details such as telephone numbers or email addresses on a public forum. That's why I have taken the liberty of editing your post. You can contact members by sending private messages. :)

You will find our rides announced in the "Official" and "Unofficial" tours fora. There is no regular schedule, but we pretty much ride every weekend.
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