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Oct 5, 2008
Hello all,

I have moved to nishi chiba with my better half, both of us are keen cyclists, while in london we thoroughly enjoyed using the velodrome in herne hill, now that we're here with our bikes:

mine: dynatech omega 300 frame converted to single speed with mavic rims and mostly original parts.

hers: a recently re-enameled emerald green Raleigh frame with a sweet deep v rear wheel in purple with an iro hub

we're really interested in the kierin scene and are wondering what the deal is regarding an amateur league that we would be able too take part in or use facilities for training/keeping fit.

also we're wanting to put together fully njs standard bikes but havent found anywhere that sells frames so far so any tips will be greatly apppreciated.

also, again, if anyone ever wants to meet up for a ride we'd love that

jack and may


You're actually not too far from me, I'm in Inage but regularly cycle through nishi-chiba on morning runs. I've only had a cycle for the past month and I've done a bit of cycling in chiba-ken.

Once you go to the east or south it gets very beautiful. Last weekend I cycled to the east coast and then along the beach to Choshi and I found the countryside absolutely fantastic! Another run I do a lot is Inage-Tokyo and back. I find it pretty fun but once you get past Funabashi there's often a lot of traffic. I recommend you pick up a map of Chiba and Tokyo from a bookshop, mine's saved me miles of useless cycling! I've heard the Boso area is really cool down in the south but I haven't had chance to go yet; still need to buy a bike bag.

Feel free to pm me if you want to ride around sometime.
Hope you have a fun time in Japan!
Boso threads

Plenty of threads for Boso rides - search for Hilly Boso and you will find them easily.

It is another world down there. We just completed the reverse Tour de Chiba at the weekend and you can also see the account of that too. We passed through Choshi on Saturday - rather damp unfortunately !

Anyway, "welcome" and hopefully Phil will be organising some more Boso delights for us this winter.

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